Why are there minimum purchase requirements on certain items?

Igmor Crystal has been in business for more than 60 years as a wholesaler of crystal and chandelier parts to the lighting and design industry. At Igmor, we are extremely loyal to distributor partners. In order to preserve the sales model of our distributors, we have placed minimums on overstock/closeout items to maintain our commitment to the wholesale trade.

Why do you have a separate website for closeouts and overstock?

Great question! When Igmor Crystal was founded in 1954, the worldwide web was not even a thought, and inventory management was a paper-and-pencil endeavor. Fast forward to 2014 and a change in ownership illuminated the need to update how our inventory was managed. Moving the company and its 13,000 square feet of crystals just a few miles from the original building into a state-of-the-art warehouse in Long Island City allowed us to "reset" the inventory. During the move, we uncovered beautiful, vintage crystals that have not been on the market for decades. With customers and dealers across the nation interested in these unique and hard-to-find pieces, e-commerce was a clear solution to make these items easily available. Igmor.com continues to be a reference site for all of our current products and we continue to update it daily.

I am an existing customer. Can I still send in my orders the way I usually do?

Absolutely! This is especially important for our customers in New York who maintain a current resale certificate on file with us. This website may be used as a tool to see current inventory, and products which are marked as "specials."

What is the quality of the crystals sold on this site?

All crystal listed on this site is first quality, brand-new, and in the original packaging. In fact, you will typically notice a picture of the box label in the photos of our products. That is not a random picture; it is the actual box the crystals were (and still are) packaged in!

Do you sell "seconds"?

Yes, we do. Our Quality Analysts (QA) meticulously review every piece  in our inventory to ensure it meets our aggressive standards. Any piece of crystal that has the smallest of nicks or blemishes is removed from inventory and placed in a section of our showroom marked as "seconds." Many are Authentic Swarovski Strass Prisms that have a small nick. Sometimes our QA staff will question the integrity of a box, and when that happens, all pieces, many flawless, will be sold at extreme ("seconds") prices.