Quartz Rock Crystal

While made up of two of the most commonly-found elements of the earth, silicon and oxygen, our quartz rock crystal pieces are anything but common. Quartz is formed in one of two ways - in the open spaces found within rocks or deep below the earth's surface. There are many different types and varieties of quartz and the environment of its formation is expressed in the color of the final mineral. While the clear and colorless form, referred to as quartz rock crystal, can sometimes be as clear as a pane of clean glass, the fractures in each piece result in varied colorful reactions, bringing uncommon beauty out of an otherwise ordinary product. 

Each piece of quartz rock crystal has a story as unique as its look and our collection of quartz rock crystal is perfect for anyone looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece for their project. The fracture markings in these beautiful, clear prisms bring a distinct and elegant feel to any design, and with no two pieces identical you're sure to create a look all your own.

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