Crystal Chains

Looking for a way to add an artistic touch to your chandelier, lamp, or other crystal project? Our stunning crystal chains will help you do just that! Our meter-long chains come in a wide array of color choices and can be used to drape, wrap, or otherwise accent your piece to maximize sparkle and shine.

Crystal chains are one of the most commonly-used products in chandelier-making. They're most commonly made up of 39" of octagonal beads secured together with connectors such as wires or pins, and if you're not interested in the full meter they can often be made to a custom length. Chains can be found with any number of connector finishes such as chrome, gold, black, brass, nickel, etc. 

There are two types of crystal chains. Original chains are made entirely of same-sized crystals, while graduated chains have anywhere from 10-15 different sizes of beads starting with the smallest and ending with the largest bead. Chains bring a higher level of beauty, refraction and motion to your crystal project and can be used to connect arms, bobeches, or any other parts of your project. With endless configurations possible, your imagination is your limit with design possibilities.